Interactive Web HelpDesk Overview

Welcome to Interactive Web HelpDesk

Helpdesk solutions to Service and Support Industry

Interative Web Helpdesk provide quality web enabled customer services and support. Since our inception is as a Helpdesk Company, hence we have provided Virtual Workforce solutions to our clients based in USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

Web Support is our key focus as we know it's quite difficult for companies to handle customer queries and far more difficult is to reply them timely. We have a value added process in which this key problem is handled efficiently by our experienced staff. We have an expertise team and provide you any type of IT support services at unbeatable price.

Comprehensive Range of Web Based Services

Our Service Domain Includes

We provide a comprehensive range of web enabled support to our clients along with back office transaction processing (Any sort of transaction processing / data entry * It may be claim processing, claim rework, online data entries or others).

We try our best to strengthen your customer interaction using variety of web tools. We specialize in supporting your company at back end in efficient way. Many companies are outsourcing their support work to us, Try us once and see the difference...

Business Processes

Major Business Process Areas Outsourcing Their Services to Us.

Some key industries outsourcing their support and transaction processing work to us includes.

Finance & Accounting.
Human Resources.
Web Enabled Services.

Outsourcing your work to us can help your company to achieve your company goals. Interactive Web HelpDesk as your outsourcing partner help’s you to increase your profits, reduce business risk and create breakout value with new services and revenue streams.

Interactive Web HelpDesk can provide you any type of IT enabled support. It may be of any Type of Outsourcing.

Why Outsource To Interactive Web HelpDesk?

Why to choose us when so many options are available?

In order to understand it please go thru brief points which force companies to outsource their work. Points are as follows:

= Lower costs
= Specific supplier benefits. For eg, better security, continuity, etc
= Higher quality service due to focus of the supplier
= Less dependency upon internal resources
= Control of budget
= Faster setup of the function or service
= Lower ongoing investment required in internal infrastructure
= Lack of internal expertise
= Increase flexibility to meet changing business conditions
= Improve Risk Management.
= Acquire Innovative Ideas.
= Turn fixed costs into variable cost.
= And lots more...

Reasons why organizations choose to outsource support and other IT services to us.

We offer cost effective web support services along with other IT enabled services. Our partner companies can handle any sort of IT work specializing in various fields. Customer satisfaction is our primary motto!

Our Partners

= IWeb Resources: Offshore IT Outsourcing Company
= IWeb Connects: Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)
= IWeb Visions: Cost Effective Web Support Services
= IWeb Accountant: Cost Effective Accounting and Back Office Services